>40 Years

Industry Experience

Domestic / International


24 ~ 72 Hour

Prototypes / Quickturn

Silicon Valley Circuits


We are a premier supplier of Printed Circuit Boards (PCB’s), supporting prototype and small to high level production demand volumes.  Together with a dedicated local team of personnel with extensive experience in the PCB market we drive to a singular philosophy, the customer always comes first.  The goal of our business is making sure our customers are completely satisfied from concept to finished product. The process begins at introduction and quotation and continues with gerber check, documentation review, DFM with timely communication throughout the order process. SVC systems and personnel ensure we do everything to meet the customer requirements and deliver product on time with superior quality at a competitive price.


SVC Certifications

• ISO-9001:2015
• UL

Partner Certifications

• IPC-6012 Class II & III
• ISO-9001:2015
• ISO-13485
• AS9100
• ISO 14001 (environmental)
• UL